Citron Extra Jam – Corsica

Product Description
250 GR Jar – Corsica

Veronique uses only two ingredients, naturally raised Corsican citron and sugar to produce this thick but loose set jam, loaded with the perfumy citrus aroma and flavor of citron. The Citron’ floral aroma and bitter rind shine through and make this a deliciously unusual citrus marmalade, great for toast, scones, and even flavorful cheeses.

The citron resembles an ugly, huge, rough-skinned lemon that is predominantly grown in the Mediterranean and parts of Asia. The citron has its own sweet perfume – although it is citrusy you will not confuse it with the aroma of any other citrus. A single ripe citron, placed on a tray, will perfume an entire room; beneath the thick, sweet-smelling skin and pith is a small quantity of sour, fragrant juice.

The citron (citrus medica) is thought to be one of the ancient progenitors of modern citrus. Before the Romans, and long after, through the Dark Ages, the Renaissance and well into modern times, the golden yellow citron was at once a symbol of wealth and position and in common use around the Mediterranean for perfumes, medicines, and religious rites. ‘There are 4 primary varieties of citron with one of the most prized being the “Corsican”.

Citron fell out of favor with the development of thin-skinned, juicy, sweet citrus during the last century. It is still grown around the Mediterranean, though not widely, for use in the perfume industry; The average American is most like to encounter citron in the candied form: the thick peel of the citron is still an essential ingredient in that enduring medieval curiosity, the Christmas fruitcake.

Veronique Leoni has been making preserves for more than 10 years using sweet Corsican chestnuts found in abundance in the family-owned orchards in Zevacu, located in the high Taravu valley of southern Corsica. She also uses the famed Corsican Clementines, figs and citron to produce other unique artisanal jams. Originally she only sold her preserves in local markets and fairs, but it is practically impossible to keep a good thing secret, and eventually, the word of her delicious preserves spread to the mainland. Now they can be found in the specialty food stores of Paris – probably the most discriminating marketplace in the world. We feel lucky to have been able to secure a small supply.

Veronique makes her preserves according to traditional recipes. All her Casa di Castagna products are handmade in small batches. They have a minimum 55% fruit content – this qualifies them as “extra” preserves. Her preserves are prepared without additives or preservatives using carefully selected fresh fruits, free of any pesticide or chemical treatment. The outstanding quality and natural origin of these products is certified by a French Ministry of Agriculture accredited laboratory.