Asian Ingredients

From a 250-year-old organic Shoyu recipe or an earthen crock buried in the ground to make a 1000-year-old recipe of 100% brown rice vinegar, we have started the quest to find the finest Asia has to offer your palette here in the west.

Asian food and Asian restaurant are everywhere. But if you want to cook it your self, the high-quality ingredients are sometimes hard to find. That is especially true for Japanese ingredients, and especially true if you are looking for organic. But we keep trying. Look below to find our favorite Shoyu, soba noodles, bonito flakes, ketjap manis, intake udon and more. And keep your eye on this page — as we find more and more products to add to this list every day. We just found a new importer with lots of interesting stuff – so it is just a matter of time.

Read the detailed descriptions of these amazing products. Don’t see what you want? Check out our regular online store ( and see if we have what you are looking for there.


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