Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt

Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt
Item# 8006

Product Description

4 oz Resealable Bag

Salish Smoked Salt is Pacific sea salt that has been cool-smoked over red alderwood. This terrific salt gives food a deliciously smoky flavor. Here in the warehouse, we rubbed fresh Alaskan winter salmon with olive oil, black pepper and this salt and then grilled the fish - heaven! The smoky, salty flavors were in perfect balance, and of course, there are no artificial colors of flavors added .

Suggestions for Use:

Use it to enhance barbecued meats or veggies, or to add that smoky flavor to anything cooked inside. It works especially well with salmon, red meat, creamy pasta dishes and baked potatoes.

Why Salish?

The word "Salish" comes from the Native Americans of the Northwest Coast, the first to inhabit the great Pacific Northwest. The Salish peoples used Northwest red alderwood to smoke salmon and other meats for hundreds of years, making this salt a true link in the chain of Northwest tradition.