Ketchup – Stokes Real Tomato – England

Product Description
300 GR Bottle – Suffolk, England

This awesome ketchup was a Great Taste Award Winner for 2005 in England. It’s a ketchup that actually tastes of tomatoes…experience the difference!

About the Producer:

Located in Suffolk, England, Stokes is a relatively new company with an old-fashioned philosophy. Stokes believes that food should stir the emotions and, since it is such a big part of life, always be a worthwhile, enjoyable part. To this end, they scour the world sourcing the best of the best in adherence to their founding principle of honest food: “Only the best ingredients make the best products.”

Ingredients: tomatoes (124g to make 100g ketchup), raw cane sugar, spirit vinegar, cornflour, sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, preservative: sorbic acid, seasoning (salt, spice extracts (contains celery), onion extract).

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