Marcona Almonds – Spain

Product Description
Marcona Almonds – 16oz.

Mmmm….. these are good! Like hazelnuts from Piedmont and Sicilian pistachios, Marcona almonds from Spain have prized the world over – some even say Marcona almonds are the finest in the world. Almost round and very flat, Marcona almonds look different from garden-variety almonds, and they have a richer, more intensely nutty flavor.

Our Marconas are toasted in olive oil and lightly salted, and the result is a crisp, tender, and super-flavorful almond. If you haven’t had them, try them at least once…we bet you won’t be sorry!

Serving Suggestions Serve European-style to accompany cocktails, or snack on them anytime you crave something salty, crunchy and satisfying! And don’t forget that almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E.

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