MINT JELLY - England

MINT JELLY - England
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8 OZ Jar

Set in rural North Yorkshire, just south of Wensleydale, is a small family concern that prepares and cooks an unbelievable line of preserves out of its own kitchen, a converted 19th century stone barn at Rosebud Farm. Their aim is to encapsulate all the good points of homemade product by filling their jars with generous quantities of fresh, seasonal ingredients organic whenever possible prepared by hand in small batches and without the addition of any additives, preservatives or colorings.

Starting out from a base of apples, this jelly is transformed into a sublime mint jelly in two phases; fresh mint is added during the cooking process, and then, more fresh mint is added as it is taken from the heat. The result is a thick, spreadable, reddish-orange jelly just full of mint flavor unfortunately, the green color of mint is too fragile to withstand heat, so green coloring is added by those in the large commercial firms who think that is what the color of mint jelly should be. We guarantee that your guests won't pass up this mint jelly the next time you serve it with that grilled butterflied leg of lamb.